Best Beds for Elderly with Mobility Issues in 2024

As we age, mobility often becomes more difficult. Getting in and out of bed can be a real challenge for seniors with mobility issues like arthritis, back pain, injury recovery, or illnesses that limit strength and flexibility. Thankfully, there are beds designed specifically to make sleeping and rising easier and safer for the elderly and infirm.

This guide will examine the features to look for in beds for the elderly, provide reviews of the top-rated beds in 2024, and give recommendations to choose the right model for your needs and budget. With the proper bed, seniors can sleep comfortably and get in and out with less pain and effort.

Features of Beds for Elderly with Limited Mobility

When choosing a bed for an elderly individual with mobility challenges, there are certain features and capabilities to look for. The right bed can significantly improve quality of sleep and daily functioning. Here are the most important features that beds for the elderly should provide:

  • Adjustable height – Beds that can raise and lower make it easier to get legs in and out of bed. Height adjustability also makes it simpler to get in and out of chairs. Look for a range of 10-24 inches.
  • Rails and assist handles – Bed rails on both sides provide support when getting in and out. Handles give extra stability.
  • No-gap edge – Some bed frames eliminate the gap between the mattress and rails. This prevents dangerous leg entrapments.
  • Remote control – Beds that can be adjusted via remote allow users to get in and out without having to bend down.
  • Mattress support – Strong mattress foundation that doesn’t sag. Avoid box springs which can compress and cause difficulty standing up.
  • Easy assembly – Beds with simple “tool-free” assembly prevent the need for professional installation.
  • Mattress flexibility – Accommodates softer mattresses that alleviate pressure points but are still easy to get in and out of.
  • Mobility aid compatibility – Works with walkers, canes and wheelchairs that users rely on for support.

With these features that specifically address age and mobility-related needs, seniors can sleep comfortably in a bed tailored for their changing physical abilities.

Reviews of the Best Beds for Elderly in 2024

Now let’s take a look at reviews of some of the top-rated beds for elderly and mobility-challenged individuals in 2024:

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Adjustability – Head and foot raise and lower independently. Range of 12-28 inches.

Features – Upholstered frame, USB ports, luxury linen cover

Frame – Steel frame with wood platform

Mattress – Works with any mattress from soft to firm

Assembly – Ships in one box. Simple tool-free assembly.

Overview – Provides adjustability and comforts at an affordable price. A great basic adjustable base.

Reverie 9T Adjustable Power Base

Reverie 9T Adjustable Power Base

Adjustability – Head and foot articulation. Range of 10-20 inches

Features – Massage, dual USB ports, Bluetooth app control

Frame – Steel frame with retainer bars and emergency power down

Mattress – Fits most mattresses including memory foam

Assembly – Easy tool-free assembly

Overview – Luxury adjustable base with high-end features and excellent mobility assistance. But expensive.

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

Adjustability – Head and foot raise and lower independently. Range of 12-60 inches!

Features – Powered by dual motor. USB ports and emergency cutoff

Frame – Steel frame with support legs and safety rails

Mattress – Accommodates any standard mattress

Assembly – Straightforward tool-free assembly

Overview – Impressive lift range and reliable performance at a very reasonable price. Great value adjustable base.

DynastyMattress DM9000S Split King Adjustable Bed Set

DynastyMattress DM9000S Split King Adjustable Bed Set

Adjustability – Fully adjustable head and foot sections. Range not specified.

Features – Massage, USB ports, wireless remote, dual controls for split King

Frame – Strong steel frame separates into two twin XL beds

Mattress – Includes two 3-inch memory foam mattresses

Assembly – Ships ready to use with no assembly required

Overview – A split King provides adjustability for couples. Includes conforming memory foam mattresses. Very expensive.

Based on these reviews, the Lucid L300 stands out for its exceptional height range and reliable performance and features at an affordable price. But any of these top-rated bases will provide elderly individuals the adjustability and assistance needed.

Full Electric vs. Head and Foot Adjustability

When shopping for adjustable beds, there are two types – full electric beds that bend in the middle, and standard adjustable bases that just raise and lower the head and feet.

Full electric beds allow sleeping in a range of reclined positions, helpful for conditions like acid reflux and breathing issues. But they are very costly at around $3,000 – $5,000.

For elderly requiring mobility assistance, more affordable adjustable bases that just raise and lower the head and foot sections are usually sufficient. Here are some pros of basic head/foot adjustability:

  • Significantly lower prices around $800 – $1,500
  • Easier operation with just head and foot controls
  • Support getting in and out of bed
  • Allow use of your existing mattress
  • Many offer massage, USB ports, backlighting and other features

Unless the individual needs the full recline capability, an adjustable base with just head and foot movement provides excellent mobility assistance at cheaper prices.

Mattress Considerations for the Elderly

Choosing the right mattress is also important for elderly with mobility challenges. Here are tips for choosing a mattress that combines comfort and ease of mobility:

  • Softer mattresses make getting in and out easier. But avoid extremely plush beds that could sink. Look for medium softness.
  • Memory foam or latex provide needed pressure relief but still allow mobility.
  • Consider zoned construction that is softer under hips and shoulders but firmer under the back.
  • If sharing the bed, choose models with individualized comfort layers for each side.
  • Make sure the mattress can flex well with the base. All-foam or latex are most flexible.
  • Lower mattress heights under 12 inches ease getting legs into bed. But avoid ultra slim mattresses.
  • If using a split base, two twin XL mattresses allow individual comfort preferences.

The right mattress complements the adjustability benefits of the base. Balance softness for comfort with adequate firmness and height for mobility.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bed for Elderly

Here are some important tips for choosing the right bed for an elderly adult with mobility limitations:

  • Have them test the bed in person at local mattress showrooms that carry adjustable bases.
  • Make sure the minimum and maximum height settings work for their needs.
  • See how easily they can use the remote and adjustable features independently.
  • Assess whether they can comfortably sit up and rotate their legs off the bed.
  • Watch them get in and out of the bed from both sitting and standing positions.
  • Have them evaluate comfort and pressure relief in different sleeping positions.
  • Consider ordering online for wider selections, sleep trials, and potential savings.

Choosing an adjustable bed that an elderly person can test and properly evaluate based on their specific mobility needs is key to maximizing independence, safety and sleep quality.

Best Beds for Elderly by Health Condition

Here are recommendations for the best bed types and features for some common age and mobility-related health conditions:

Arthritis – Soft memory foam mattress on an adjustable base with massage features. Raises to reduce joint pain getting up.

Back pain – Medium firm latex or pocketed coil mattress. Adjustable base with lumbar support setting.

Injury recovery – Highly adjustable base allowing elevation of legs or back. Firm mattresses facilitate movement.

Frailty – Lowered bed for shortest distance lowering legs. Assist bars and rails for support getting in and out.

Chronic pain – Super soft mattress on an adjustable base. Features like massage and heat relief.

Limited flexibility – Highest lifting capacity. Raised seat position for moving to mobility devices.

Poor balance/stability – Adjustable base plus bed rails allow gradually easing up to seated position for stability.

Matching the right bed types and features to an elderly individual’s specific conditions results in the greatest sleep comfort and mobility assistance.

Mobility Bed Shopping Tips for Seniors

Here are some important tips for seniors with mobility challenges or caregivers to make shopping for the right bed easier:

  • Shop at specialty mobility retailers for the best selection of beds for seniors.
  • Compare features like lift capacity, rail designs, mattress types, warranties, and overall mobility assistance.
  • Try adjustable bases at different heights to find the optimal range of motion.
  • Test getting in and out in multiple body positions to assess comfort and effort.
  • Consider delivery fees, disposal of old mattresses, and potential installation costs.
  • Ask about comfort guarantees/returns in case the bed doesn’t work as needed.
  • For couples, two twin XL bases allow individual adjustment and mattress preferences.
  • Evaluate bed frame strength – many cheaper imported bases can sag over time.
  • For home care, make sure bases are compatible with mobility aids used.
  • Consider renting a hospital bed first to evaluate features and benefits before purchasing.

Taking the time to test and compare different beds will ensure you find the perfect match for your aging loved one’s needs and your budget.


Adjustable beds can greatly improve the quality of sleep and daily functioning for the elderly and others with mobility impairments. Models that adjust the head and feet, include supportive rails and handles, accommodate mobility aids, and make getting legs in and out of bed easier allow seniors to sleep safely and soundly.

Hopefully these adjustable bed reviews and tips for choosing the ideal model will aid families in finding the right bed for their aging relatives. With the proper bed, seniors can sleep comfortably and retain their independence getting in and out.

Comparison Table of Adjustable Beds for Seniors

Classic Brands Adjustable BaseHead/foot adjustUpholstered, USB portsSteel and woodAny
Reverie 9T Adjustable BaseHead/foot adjustMassage, BluetoothSteelAny
Lucid L300 Adjustable BaseHead/foot adjustUSB ports, dual motorsSteelAny
DynastyMattress Adjustable SetHead/foot adjustMassage, USB, split sidesSteelDual memory foam

Common Questions about Beds for the Elderly

What is the best mattress for seniors?

Medium soft to medium firm all-foam, latex or hybrid mattresses provide a balance of comfort and support. Avoid very thick or very firm mattresses.

What bed height is best for elderly?

10-15 inches is optimal. Low enough for feet to reach floor easily but still high enough to prevent difficulty getting out of the bed.

Do Medicare or health insurance cover beds?

Sometimes if prescribed by a doctor for certain medical conditions. But most seniors need to pay for beds out of pocket.

What are the best bed rails for seniors?

Height-adjustable metal rails that fit under the mattress securely. Models with thick padding prevent wounds and entrapments.