Best Pillowcases for Curly Hair in 2024

Having curly hair is beautiful, but it often comes with some unique styling challenges. One major issue many curlies face is tangled, frizzy hair after a night’s sleep. Friction and roughness from standard pillowcases can cause curls to become disturbed and unruly.

The good news is there are specially designed pillowcases to provide the gentle, smooth surface curly hair needs to stay tidy and defined even after resting your head. From satiny fabrics to protective textures, read on for our picks of the top pillowcases for curly hair in 2024.

Benefits of Using the Right Pillowcase for Curly Hair

Switching to a pillowcase made for curls offers many advantages:

  • Less friction and disruption of your hair’s natural curl pattern while sleeping
  • Prevents tangles, knots and frizz from forming overnight
  • Allows curls to glide smoothly over the surface
  • Maintains definition of curls, coils, and waves
  • Reduces unnecessary breakage and hair damage from friction
  • Saves time in the mornings re-styling unruly hair
  • Extends time between washes by keeping hair neater longer
  • Provides a soft, gentle surface for hair to rest on overnight

What to Look for in a Pillowcase for Curly Hair

When evaluating pillowcases for curly hair, keep these features in mind:

Fabric Type – Seek ultra-smooth, slippery fabrics like satin or silk that minimize friction. Cotton and linen can cause more tangles.

Texture – Pillowcases should have a very tight weave with no areas for hair to snag.

Seams – Seamless designs eliminate places for curls to catch and knot.

Fit – Cases that fit your pillow tightly prevent fabric bunching under your head.

Care – Machine washable fabrics allow easy cleaning.

Price – More affordable options provide good value for money.

Designs – Prints and colors to complement your bedroom decor.

Reviews of the Top-Rated Pillowcases for Curly Hair in 2024

After extensive evaluation, here are our picks for the best pillowcases for curly hair to keep your locks frizz and tangle-free overnight:

1. Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair
  • 100% mulberry silk on both sides
  • Smooth, cool texture prevents friction
  • Hidden zipper, envelope closure
  • Silky fabric allows curls to glide freely
  • Colors like white, grey, taupe, and cream
  • Maintains moisture and shine of curls
  • Fits pillows up to 20 inches
  • Machine washable

This silk pillowcase ranks as the top choice for curly hair. The ultra-smooth mulberry silk allows curls to float freely without disruption overnight. The fabric also retains moisture well. A great price for real high-quality silk.

2. Veckle Satin Pillowcase

Veckle Satin Pillowcase

Veckle Satin Pillowcase
  • Made of 100% polyester satin
  • Shiny, slippery satin weave
  • Envelope closure, no zipper
  • Gentle glide for curls
  • Colors like ivory, grey, navy and rose
  • Resists hair breakage and friction
  • Accommodates pillows up to 20 inches
  • Machine washable

Veckle’s satin pillowcase provides an affordable satin option loved by people with curly hair. The shiny, fluid polyester satin allows curls to smoothly move around overnight without frizz or static buildup.

3. Tuft and Needle Nod Pillowcase

Tuft and Needle Nod Pillowcase

Tuft and Needle Nod Pillowcase
  • Microfiber polyester with a satin-like finish
  • Smooth, cool and slick feel
  • Invisible zipper for easy access
  • Gentle on curls to reduce disruption
  • Available in white/gray
  • Fit pillows up to 20 inches
  • Machine washable

This pillowcase has a unique finish giving it satin-like properties of smoothness without the slipping around. Great for lightly keeping curls in their natural pattern overnight.

4. MYK Silk Natural Silk Pillowcase

MYK Silk Natural Silk Pillowcase

MYK Silk Natural Silk Pillowcase
  • 100% grade 6A long strand mulberry silk
  • Very smooth surface for curls
  • Envelope closure
  • Prevents bedhead and frizz
  • Subtle stripe pattern
  • Fits up to queen size pillows
  • Hand wash or dry clean recommended

This luxurious 6A mulberry silk pillowcase is perfect for pampering curly hair overnight. The highest quality long strand silk prevents tangles and allows curls to freely move and retain moisture. A worthwhile splurge.

5. Slipsilk Queen Satin Pillowcase

Slipsilk Queen Satin Pillowcase

Slipsilk Queen Satin Pillowcase
  • Constructed from charmeuse satin
  • Shimmering smooth fabric
  • Envelope closure
  • Reduces friction and knotting
  • Available in white, pink and gray
  • Fits up to queen size pillows
  • Machine washable

This popular satin option provides excellent curl protection overnight thanks to the fluid-like charmeuse satin fabric. A great balance of affordability and gentle hair performance.

Tips for Using Pillowcases for Curly Hair

  • Add a satin or silk bonnet on top for maximum curl protection and friction reduction at night.
  • Use the recommended care instructions to properly wash and sanitize your pillowcase.
  • Put your pillowcase on inside out to protect the surface from oils and leave-in products.
  • Tightly fit the case over your pillow to prevent bunching under your head.
  • Style your curls before bed so they are arranged smoothly on the pillowcase surface.
  • Try both silk and satin to see which your hair likes best.
  • Replace pillowcases every 6-12 months as fabrics lose their slippery surface over time.

Common Questions about Pillowcases for Curly Hair

Are satin and silk pillowcases good for curly hair?

Yes, the smooth loosely woven texture of silk and satin allows curly hair to freely move around overnight without tangles, friction, or breakage. These slippery fabrics keep curls intact.

How does a satin pillowcase compare to silk for curly hair?

Silk is the gold standard with its super fluid, frictionless feel that is gentlest on curls. Satin mimics silk well and is less expensive but may be slightly more drying long term.

What fabric is worst for curly hair?

Rougher fabrics like cotton and linen tend to cause more friction frizz and tangles for curly hair as you move around overnight.

Does thread count matter for curly hair pillowcases?

Not necessarily. What matters most is having an ultra-smooth, non-disruptive surface. A higher thread count cotton may actually cause more friction than a lower count satin or silk.

Are mulberry silk pillowcases better than other silk?

Yes, mulberry silk is the highest quality silk offering the most fluidity and gentleness for curly hair since it comes from larvae fed the finest mulberry leaves. Lesser quality silk may be rougher in comparison.

Caring for Your Pillowcase

  • Wash less frequently to preserve the slippery surface longer. Spot clean when possible.
  • Use a gentle, fragrance-free detergent and skip the fabric softener.
  • Wash on the delicate cycle and air or line dry only. Never put in the dryer!
  • Fold or roll versus hanging to prevent stretching out the fibers over time.
  • Use a lingerie or garment bag when washing to protect zippers and fabric.
  • Steam iron on low if satin pillowcase becomes wrinkled.


One of the best things you can do for your curly hair is choose the right pillowcase. Satin and silk styles from top brands like Slipsilk, Veckle, Tuft and Needle, MYK Silk, and Silk Capsule provide the ultra-smooth gliding surface needed to keep curls frizz and tangle-free overnight. Invest in quality materials, make sure cases fit your pillows snugly, and care for them properly so you’ll wake up with soft, defined curls every morning!