The Hottest Home Textile Trends for 2024

The home textile industry is bursting with exciting new trends for 2024. From lush velvets to organic materials, this year is all about natural textures, bold colors, and innovative fabrics that add comfort, style, and sustainability to your living space.

Read on to discover the most popular home textile trends that are making waves this year. Whether you’re looking to give your home a quick makeover or invest in long-lasting pieces, these on-trend fabrics and materials are sure to transform any room.

Embracing Rich, Tactile Textures

One of the biggest home textile trends for 2024 is incorporating fabrics with delightfully tactile textures that beg to be touched. We’re moving away from flat, boring materials and bringing dimensional fabrics to the forefront. Some top textured fabrics that are hugely popular this year include:



Once reserved for nobility, velvet has made a major comeback in homes across the country. With its indulgently soft piles, velvet instantly elevates any piece it graces with luxury. This on-trend material comes in a stunning array of colors from moody emerald to cheery pink.

Decor Ideas: Luxe velvet pillows, headboards, robes, quilts



Chenille fabric features a delicately soft, fuzzy texture reminiscent of caterpillars. Its fibrous raised piles create subtle patterns that add beautiful visual depth and tantalizing texture.

Decor Ideas: Throws, shams, bed skirts

Faux Fur

Faux Fur

For the ultimate cozy factor, faux fur is still going strong this year. This fabric favorite mimics the plush softness of animal fur without harming animals. Go bold with a long-haired shag or opt for sheared faux fur.

Decor Ideas: Throws, pillows, rugs

Ribbed & Cable Knits

Ribbed & Cable Knits

Chunky ribbed and cable-knit fabrics are sizzling this year. The thick, textural designs pair nicely with leather, velvet, linen, and other tactile fabrics when layering textures.

Decor Ideas: Pillows, poufs, throws

By mixing different richly textured fabrics throughout your home, you can create the coziest, sleekest living spaces that appeal to the senses.

Muted Natural Palettes

Muted Natural Palettes

Soothing, organic color palettes continue trending this year. Neutral shades of light brown, beige, cream, and white imbue homes with the essence of zen. Flowing between color stories helps spaces feel more cohesive. Some top neutral fabric colors include:

Lighter Browns

Warm sand and milk chocolate browns feel inviting. Soft tans complement virtually all color schemes from pastels to primaries. Pair with hints of sage or peach for a nature-inspired living room.

Ecru & Beige

From textured cable knits to smoothing sateens, optically bright shades of light brown and beige open up rooms. Teamed with silky oak wood finishes and ceramic accents, the neutral colors exude modern serenity.

Creamy White

Crisp white infused with a drop of cream or eggshell feels rich yet relaxing. The ivory depths prevent spaces from appearing dull or clinical. Mix multiple white-ish shags, cables, and sheers for a cozy dimension.

Hues inspired by raw natural elements help create a clean backdrop to display beloved belongings without overwhelming visual competition. Then layer in punches of colors to define your unique style.

Vibrant Accent Colors That Pop

While muted palettes help spaces feel grounded, pops of vibrant colors enliven interiors with bursts of personality. Eye-catching jewel tones, bright pastels, and punchy primaries that play nicely with organic backdrops are wildly popular this year. Some of the boldest on-trend colors include:

Vibrant Accent Colors That Pop

Sapphire Blue

From crystalline light blue to dramatic navy, all shades of blue make a splash this year. United with fluffy textured whites and solid oak, striking sapphire hues feel inviting rather than cold.

Decor Ideas: Linens, pillows, curtains

Verdant Greens

Dark emerald and refreshing mint green infuse spaces with the feeling of an enchanted forest escape. Pairing lush green velvets or organic cotton shams with neutral walls and floors helps energizing greens feel sophisticated.

Decor Ideas: Sofas, quilts, shams

Zesty Yellow

Bright marigold, lemon chiffon, and golden hues spark joy while playing nicely with other colors. Accent floral printed yellow pillows tie together both lively and subdued color schemes.

Decor Ideas: Pillows, poufs, prints

Fuschia Pink

Vibrant pinks ranging from pastel rose to magenta pop against whites and beiges without appearing too “little girl.” Sophisticated examples include a salmon velvet bed skirt or dusty rose linen curtains.

Decor Ideas: Bedskirts, throws, wall art

Punctuating neutral spaces with vibrant splashes of ornamental colors create a modern, lively interior brimming with personality.

Innovative Smart & Sustainable Fabrics

Innovative Smart & Sustainable Fabrics

Technological innovation paired with eco-consciousness defines many 2024 home textile selections. Several on-the-rise materials make decorating sustainable, functional, and cutting edge.

Organic Cotton

From sheets to tablecloths, organic cotton continues to gain popularity for its breathability and biodegradability. Made prohibiting toxic pesticides and fertilizers, the soothing natural fibers stay hypoallergenic.

Decor Ideas: Sheets; duvet covers; table linens


Made from dissolving wood pulp, lyocell fibers breathe better than cotton and feel luxuriously soft. Completely biodegradable and compostable, Tencel brand lyocell is sustainably produced using a non-toxic solvent spinning process.

Decor Ideas: Blankets, sheets; shams

Smart Fabrics

From self-cleaning sofa covers to LED color-changing cushion covers, high-tech smart fabrics take decoration into the future. Embedded sensors even detect leaks or monitor sleep quality.

Decor Ideas: Sofas, bedding, cushions

Choosing sustainable, allergen-free natural textiles benefits personal health and the environment without sacrificing an ounce of style or comfort.

Final Thoughts

Innovative Smart & Sustainable Fabrics

The latest home textile trends reveal a theme of embracing multi-dimensional fabrics that nourish senses while nurturing the earth. By mixing natural textures, soothing palettes punctuated with vibrant accents, and responsibly made materials, designers have set the stage for creating homes as thoughtfully curated and sustainable as they are cozy.

As you shop for and decorate your home this year, look for on-trend velvets with rich color dimensions, smart technology textiles, and eco-friendly materials that align with your principles. The right tactile textures, sophisticated prints, and conscientious fabrics exist to elevate every interior into a comfortable, personalized haven that tells your unique story.

Which of these popular 2024 home textile trends most inspires your home goals this year? Let us know in the comments!