What is the Best Blanket for Winter in 2023? Our Top 5 Picks

When the cold weather hits, there’s nothing better than cozying up with a warm, soft blanket. But with so many blanket options on the market, how do you determine the best blanket for winter?

The ideal winter blanket should provide insulation to lock in heat, be made of a soft yet durable material, and come in a weight suitable for your needs. In this article, we’ll review our top 5 picks for the best blankets for winter 2023 based on extensive research and testing for factors like warmth, comfort, and quality.

Whether you want a lightweight throw or a ultra heavy blanket to fend off chill, we’ve got you covered with winter blanket recommendations for every preference.

Reviews of the Best Blankets for Winter in 2023

1. Big Blanket Co Extra Large Throw Blanket

Big Blanket Co Extra Large Throw Blanket

Big Blanket Co Extra Large Throw Blanket
  • Made of soft, textured cotton fleece
  • Oversized 10 ft x 10 ft size
  • Provides efficient insulation without overheating
  • Stretchy material with some give for easy use
  • Durable construction that resists pilling
  • Great for large sofas or beds
  • Accommodates 2-4 people for shared warmth

For those looking for a massive, cozy throw blanket big enough to share, the Big Blanket Co Extra Large Throw Blanket is a leading choice. At 10 ft x 10 ft, it’s large enough to accommodate 2-4 people.

This oversized knit blanket is made from a soft, textured cotton fleece material that provides efficient insulation without risking overheating. The blanket has some stretch for ease of use and won’t pill with repeated washing.

With its substantial size and winter-friendly fabric, this extra large throw blanket envelops you in soothing warmth and relaxation. It works well for large sofas or beds when you want a blanket with expansive coverage that the whole family can enjoy.

2. Bedsure Fleece Blanket Electric Heated Throw

Bedsure Fleece Blanket Electric Heated Throw

Bedsure Fleece Blanket Electric Heated Throw
  • Made of ultra-soft and warm fleece
  • Integrated heating system powered by controller
  • Customizable heat with 3 temperature settings
  • 10-foot power cord that plugs into outlet
  • Auto shut-off timer (1-12 hours) for safety
  • Even heat distribution prevents hot spots
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Great for chilly nights in any room

For fast heat you can control with the click of a button, choose the Bedsure Fleece Blanket Electric Heated Throw. This soft, warm fleece blanket warms in minutes with its integrated wiring system powered by a small controller.

The blanket provides customized heat across three temperature settings. An attached 10-foot cord plugs into any standard outlet. A built-in timer automatically shuts it off after 1-12 hours for safety and convenience.

Machine washable and dryer safe, this electric blanket throw combines efficient heating technology with incredibly soft fleece fabric. The even distribution of wiring prevents uncomfortable hot spots. It’s an ideal winter blanket for chilly nights in any room.

3. Texere Peru Wool Throw Blanket

Texere Peru Wool Throw Blanket

Texere Peru Wool Throw Blanket
  • Crafted from 100% baby alpaca wool
  • Provides exceptional warmth and softness
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking properties
  • Gets softer and loftier with washing
  • Retains shape and appearance over time
  • Beautiful natural dye colors
  • 50 x 70-inch throw size
  • Heirloom-quality wool blanket

For a natural wool blanket known for its exceptional warmth, softness and quality, look no further than the Texere Peru Wool Throw Blanket. Made from 100% baby alpaca wool, it offers cozy comfort that gets better with age.

The breathable, moisture-wicking properties of the Peruvian wool regulate temperature efficiently. It adds warmth without the sweaty heat of synthetics. The blanket maintains loft and appearance after repeated use and washing.

Beautifully crafted using natural dyes, this heirloom-quality wool throw blanket provides lasting comfort and timeless style. The 50 x 70 inch size works well for individual use in most settings. If you want a luxuriously soft wool blanket, this is it.

4. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket
  • Made with 80% wool and 20% synthetic fiber
  • Meets strict US military specifications
  • Provides outstanding warmth and durability
  • Resists shedding, odor, and dirt
  • Retains insulating properties when wet
  • Rugged enough for outdoor use
  • Great for travel, camping, emergencies
  • Adds warmth to beds, sofas, chairs

Known for outstanding warmth, durability, and odor resistance, the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket makes a superb cold weather blanket for camping, emergencies, or everyday use.

This high performing wool blanket is crafted according to strict US military specifications using 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibers. This precise blend prevents shedding while maximizing heat retention in extreme conditions.

The blanket is machine washable yet rugged enough for outdoor use. Even when wet, the wool fibers retain insulating properties to keep you warm. Plus the dense weave and muted colorways resist showing dirt over time.

If you’re looking for a wool blanket engineered for thermal efficiency and toughness, the mil-spec Arcturus Military Wool Blanket delivers impressive performance you can rely on. It’s great for travel, outdoor activities or warming beds and sofas.

5. Utopia Bedding Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Utopia Bedding Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Utopia Bedding Faux Fur Throw Blanket
  • Made of plush faux fur (100% polyester)
  • Mimics softness and texture of real fur
  • Rolled fringe edges add decorative detail
  • Lightweight (3 lbs) but provides ample warmth
  • Soft, cloud-like texture surrounds you
  • Maintains density and softness over time
  • Budget-friendly luxury for beds/sofas
  • Great faux fur winter blanket choice

When only ultra-plush softness will do for your winter blanket, choose the indulgent Utopia Bedding Faux Fur Throw Blanket. This faux fur blanket surrounds you in cloud-like coziness.

The fuzzy, rolled fringe mimics genuine fur’s decadence and trap heat effectively. Made from 100% micro-mink polyester, it maintains consistent density and texture even after washing.

Weighing just 3 pounds, this budget-friendly faux fur throw brings sumptuous softness to bedrooms and living rooms alike. For a blanket that feels like a fluffy cloud and excels at retaining heat, you can’t go wrong with this customer favorite.

What to Look for in the Best Winter Blankets

Now that we’ve covered some top-rated picks, here are the key factors to evaluate when selecting any blanket for optimal winter performance:


A blanket’s first job is providing warming insulation against winter’s chill. Consider the following warmth-related features when choosing materials and construction:

  • Natural fibers – Wool, cotton, alpaca and other natural fibers better regulate temperature than synthetic options like microfiber or acrylic.
  • Yarn density – Higher densities, measured in grams per square meter (GSM), increase insulation and durability. Aim for at least 300 GSM.
  • Weave tightness – Tightly woven blankets lock in more heat. Knits also excel at heat retention compared to looser woven fabrics.
  • Nap texture – Brushed or sheared surfaces create air pockets that better trap heat. Faux fur piles add literal layers of insulation.
  • Weight – In general, heavier blankets maintain more warmth than lighter versions although personal preference varies.


A blanket should feel pleasant against your skin, especially in frigid weather when you want to stay wrapped up. Softer materials that avoid irritation include:

  • Cashmere – The finest, silkiest wool available, though more expensive. Alpaca wool also rivals cashmere for softness.
  • Flannel – Brushed cotton flannel provides cozy softness perfect for winter blankets.
  • Fleece – Polyester microfleece has more affordable synthetic softness ideal for throws and blankets.
  • Faux Fur – For seriously plush texture, faux fur blankets mimic animal fibers with synthetic softness.
  • Cotton – High-quality cotton can be surprisingly soft yet strong. Opt for longer staple cotton.


Since your winter blanket will see plenty of use, you want it to maintain its insulating qualities and withstand frequent washing without shedding, pilling or thinning over time.

  • Natural fibers – Wool and cotton gain softness and loft with washing compared to synthetics that degrade over time.
  • Quality construction – Indicators like tightly spun yarns, dense weaving, reinforced edges and sturdy stitching increase durability.
  • Easy care – Machine washable and dryer-safe blankets last longer. Wool blankets specifically labeled “superwash” won’t shrink.
  • Textured fabrics – Brushed, nubby or textured surfaces help conceal wear and prevent pilling or matting from friction.


While you want blankets that retain heat in the winter, excessive sweating can be uncomfortable. Look for materials with moisture wicking properties:

  • Wool – Absorbs moisture vapor while insulating against the cold for excellent breathability.
  • Cotton – Natural fibers like cotton allow ventilation and evaporation of sweat.
  • Linen – Made from durable, hypoallergenic flax fibers, linen offers breathability.
  • Polyester – More breathable than other synthetics, polyester resists absorbing odors from sweat.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo rayon adds softness, moisture wicking and ventilation to blankets.

How to Choose Weight for Your Winter Blanket

One of the biggest considerations that determines a blanket’s suitability for winter is its weight. Here’s a quick guide to blanket weights based on common types and uses:

  • Lightweight: 3 lbs or less – Best for warmer climates or heat-sensitive users. Provides some insulation for mild chill. Great for kids.
  • Medium weight: 3-7 lbs – Offers breathability with moderate warmth for most winter conditions. Ideal weight for everyday use.
  • Heavyweight: 7+ lbs – Provides maximum insulation and ultra-cozy weight. Often made with wool or fleece. For cold winter nights.
  • Oversized: 10+ lbs – Massive blankets for covering multiple people or large beds. Often knitted or woven with thick yarns.

Consider your climate and sensitivity to cold when deciding ideal blanket weight. In general, it’s easier to add or remove layers underneath heavier blankets to control warmth.

How to Wash and Care for Winter Blankets

Caring properly for your winter blanket helps maintain its appearance, performance and longevity through many winters of use:

  • Read care instructions – Follow any included care guidelines for fiber content, washing, drying and other instructions.
  • Wash in cold water – Use the gentle or delicate cycle with cold water to avoid shrinkage or damage from heat.
  • Air dry when possible – Line or flat drying helps blankets maintain shape and texture rather than machine drying.
  • Use wool detergent for wool – Specially formulated wool cleansers protect the fibers’ natural oils that keep wool warm and soft.
  • Shake blankets before use – Gently shaking and fluffing blankets after drying redistributes interior fibers for maximum loft.
  • Spot clean when needed – Try spot treating minor stains before washing an entire blanket to maintain cleanliness between full washes.
  • De-pill if needed – Use a de-pilling tool or shaver to gently remove any pilling on the blanket’s surface while taking care not to damage fibers.

With proper maintenance and care, your cherished winter blanket can deliver years of reliable warmth and comfort during cold weather.

Finding the Perfect Blanket Design and Style

Beyond material and construction factors, the aesthetic design of a winter blanket also brings personality to your space. Here are some popular winter blanket styles to consider:

Solid Colors

Available in virtually every hue, solid color blankets exude understated coziness with timeless, versatile appeal. Charcoal, navy, burgundy, grey, and ivory make classic winter palette choices.

Buffalo Plaid

Classic buffalo plaid blankets in red, black, and white evoke rustic cabin vibes perfect for the season. Try cotton, wool, or flannel buffalo check blankets.

Southwest Motifs

Southwestern motifs add geometric arrow, zig zag, diamond, and stripe patterns. Earthy hues like turquoise, clay red, brown, and tan bring nature-inspired design.

Nordic Patterns

Scandinavian reindeer, snowflake, and fair isle motifs inject frosty Nordic charm. Combine with crisp white and grey for a modern hygge look.

Fringed Edges

Flowing fringed edges provide decorative texture and movement. Popular on lightweight throws in materials like faux fur, cotton, acrylic, and wool.

Reversible Options

Get two cozy looks in one blanket with reversible designs. Often made with complementary patterns or coordinating solids on each side.

There are endless ways to express your personal taste through fun colors, prints, textures, and trims when choosing a winter blanket. Find the style that perfectly matches your home.

Creating a Cozy Winter Bed with the Right Blankets

Bundling up in soft, warming bedding is one of winter’s greatest pleasures. Use the right combination of blankets and bed covers to create your coziest sleep sanctuary:

Layer for Adjustable Warmth

Use multiple lightweight blankets in coordinating colors and patterns that you can add or remove as desired. Mix different materials like cotton, wool, and linen.

Choose a Blanket Coverlet

A lightweight quilt, coverlet, or bedspread adds an extra blanket layer and coordinates your bedding scheme.

Add Electric Warmth

An electric blanket under your bottom sheet or mattress cover warms from below all night long. Look for a 10-hour auto shut-off timer.

Finish with a Decorative Throw

A folded throw blanket at the foot of the bed pulls the whole winter bedding look together while providing another cozy layer within reach.

Flannel Sheets

Flannel fitted and flat sheets offer skin-softening warmth right next to you. Choose wool or faux fur pillow shams to complete the winter bed.

Blanket layering allows you to customize cozy warmth while complementing your bedspread and sheet colors. With the right combination of blankets, covers, and linens, you can create a heavenly retreat.

Get Snuggled Up with the Best Winter Blankets

As the cold weather approaches, outfit your home with the best blankets for winter. Choose warmth-providing natural fibers, heavier weights, and cozy textures that invite relaxation all season long.
Use our reviews of winter blanket favorites like the Big Blanket Co extra large throw, Bedsure heated fleece blanket, Peru wool throw from Texere, rugged Arcturus military wool blanket, and plush Utopia Bedding faux fur throw to find options that match your style and needs.
Then get ready to hunker down with your new winter blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. With the top blankets for battling winter’s chill, you can make the upcoming cold season your coziest yet.