Best Space Saving Blanket Storage Ideas 2024

Storing bulky blankets while still keeping them accessible can be a challenge, especially in compact homes and apartments where space is limited.

The right storage solutions not only save room but also protect blankets from dirt, dust, bugs and damage when not in use.

This 2024 guide covers clever blanket organization ideas to fold, hang or stash throws, quilts and bedspreads using space optimizing containers, shelving, furniture and more.

Discover the top techniques for any room based on specific blanket materials, sizes and quantities using customized racks, chests, under bed options and other innovations that prevent clutter.

Key Factors For Ideal Blanket Storage

Consider these key criteria when selecting the best blanket storage locations and organizers:

  • Available space dimensions – floor area, wall, ceiling and cabinet heights
  • Number and sizes of blankets – determine capacity needed
  • Blanket materials – folding, hanging or stacking methods based on fabrics
  • Ease of access – retrieve and replace blankets without hassles
  • Protection – fully enclose or cover to prevent dust and damage
  • Aesthetics – integrate visually with room décor and style

Get measurements of blankets and spaces then assess options for optimal usage of room while keeping blankets neat yet accessible.

Prioritize protection for delicate materials like wool or cashmere while allowing convenient access to blankets you use frequently.

Top 12 Blanket Storage Ideas For 2024

Here are the top 12 space saving innovations for organizing blankets in any home:

1. Under The Bed Containers

LANDNEOO 2 Pack Under Bed Storage Containers Bins

Plastic underbed bins, roll out drawers and slide out trays utilize wasted space beneath beds. Options include:

  • Flat underbed bins hold Several folded lightweight blankets
  • Rollout drawers on smooth glides keeps blankets dust-free
  • Slide out trays bring hard-to-reach items closer

Great for guest room blankets or folding bulky out-of-season comforters. Just ensure adequate height clearance.

2. Wall-Mounted Ladder Racks

Wall-Mounted Ladder Racks

Lean ladder-style racks against empty walls to hang multiple folded or draped blankets. Features include:

  • Triangle, ladder or towel bar shapes
  • Different material rungs like wood, metal, bamboo
  • Scalable lengths from 3 to 10 feet

Ideal above dressers, in walk-in closets or utility spaces for draping blankets.

3. Freestanding Coat Racks

Freestanding Coat Racks

Coat trees and hall trees with hanging pegs or shelves store neatly folded throws and blankets. Benefits include:

  • Compact footprints from slim rack to wider wardrobe shape
  • Attach baskets for accessories or shelve blanket bundles
  • Swiveling arms or fixed position poles for hanging

Position in a bedroom, living room or foyer to stage blankets decoratively.

4. Closet Shelving Units

Closet Shelving Units

Install shelves above closet rods specifically for vertically folding and filing blankets. Features include:

  • Stackable or adjustable height standards
  • Shelves with lip/edge to hold neatly folded blankets
  • Wire, wooden or plastic shelf material options

Great for lining closet walls with shelves floor to ceiling to multiply storage.

5. Cabinet Organizers & Dividers

Cabinet Organizers & Dividers

Designate a cabinet just for blankets using aftermarket organizers like:

  • Fixed shelves with lips to neatly hold folded blankets
  • Sliding drawers to compress inside cabinet cavities
  • Dividers to segment cabinets for multiple blankets

Especially useful for bath, hallway or bedroom cabinets with available shelf space.

6. Storage Ottomans

Storage Ottomans

Lifted lids on upholstered ottomans reveal spacious blanket tucking spots. Benefits include:

  • Hide blankets in plain sight in living rooms, family rooms and master suites
  • Softer blankets won’t get crushed under larger durable blankets
  • Can double as seating, tables or footrests

Look for quality solid wood frames with hinged lids to support heavier blankets.

7. Armoire Cabinets

Armoire Cabinets

Convert an old entertainment center into a dedicated blanket armoire with features like:

  • Shelves above and rods below to hang/fold blankets
  • Consolidate bulky comforters off beds into single furniture piece
  • Shuttered doors keep blankets dust-free and hidden

Repurpose a discontinued Ikea plastic 3-shelf Expedit into a blanket organizer cube for a fraction of the cost of cabinetry.

8. Trunk Storage At Foot Of Bed

Wooden chests or plastic storage trunks with lift lids offer versatile blanket storage at the foot of beds. Consider:

  • Large capacity models to replace underbed options
  • Softer cushion top models double as bench seating
  • Secure locking models keep heirloom quilts safe

Position horizontally or vertically depending on space. Anchor against the wall if placed vertically to prevent toppling over.

9. Over The Door Clear Pockets

Install clear hanging pockets over doors to neatly store rolled or folded blankets. Features include:

  • Crystal clear vinyl lets you see contents
  • Zippered pockets secure contents until needed
  • Door strap mounts without tools or hardware

Ideal for kid’s or baby room doors to stash spare blankies or receiving blankets.

10. Rolling Storage Carts

Rolling Storage Carts

Portable utility carts with fixed or removable bins allow easy transporting blankets around the house. Consider:

  • Vertical designs with hanging rods up top for large blankets
  • Deep plastic stacking drawers for compressing bulky comforters
  • Smooth rolling casters that lock in place

Use in multifunction spaces like laundry rooms to transport blankets to/from washer/dryer.

11. Furniture Blanket Ladders

Furniture Blanket Ladders

Specially designed ladders attach onto beds, desks and dressers for draping blankets within reach. Features:

  • Space saving vertical design
  • Felt covered rungs prevent snags
  • Easy hook onto furniture frames

Ideal for dorm rooms, kids’ rooms and other tight spaces to keep favorite blankets handy.

12. Wall Mounted Shelving

Wall Mounted Shelving

Install floating ledges or rail systems with mountable shelves to store folded blankets along walls. Options include:

  • Discrete hidden floating ledges
  • Versatile rail systems with repositionable shelves
  • Wall mount cabinets for enclosed storage

Great above sofa, along hallways or in place of nightstands to stage blankets decoratively.

Blanket Storage By Material & Usage

Beyond space constraints, optimize storage methods based on blanket fabrics and typical usage patterns.

Blanket TypesRecommended StorageReasons
WoolCedar chests<br>Moth-proof encasingRepel insects like moths
Cashmere/ SilksStorage bags<br>Hanging racksPrevent crushing delicate fabrics
Heirloom QuiltsArchival boxes<br>Acid-free tissueAvoid moisture damage or fading
Electric ThrowShelves<br>Hidden cubbiesConceal cords and controls
Seasonal UseUnderbed containers <br>Closet top shelvesAccess when needed then compress
Everyday UseOttomans<br>Rolling cartsKeep within arm’s reach
Kid’s BlanketsWall mounted pockets<br> Toy storage cubesPrevent misplacing beloved ‘lovies’

These pairing suggestions maximize lifespan for delicate materials while allowing convenient access to the blankets used most often.

DIY Blanket Ladder With Hangars

Looking to maximize vertical storage for neatly folding larger blankets? Here is an easy DIY blanket ladder using a ready-made ladder shelf kit combined with affixed wood hangars for draping throws.

What You Need

  • 4 ft ladder shelf kit – $39
  • 6 wooden hangers – $9
  • 12 wood screws – $2
  • 12 washers – $3

Assembly Steps

  1. Assemble ladder shelf per included instructions
  2. Space hangers evenly along the sides of ladder
  3. Position hangers with hooks facing outwards
  4. Align hooks slightly above a rung for draping blankets
  5. Place metal washers then drive wood screw through back of hanger into ladder frame securing in place
  6. Repeat spacing remaining 5 hangers evenly up the sides
  7. Drape blankets over hooks for vertical storage!

This DIY blanket ladder takes 10 minutes to assemble and holds up to a dozen neatly folded throws and lap blankets while only occupying only a couple square feet of floorspace thanks to vertical design!

Maximize Blanket Organization With These Ideas!

Hopefully these 2024 blanket storage ideas sparked creative ways to neatly tuck away bulky blankets throughout your home – even in compact spaces!

Key takeaways include:

  • Measure your exact dimensions including blanket sizes
  • Assess your space, hanging and folding capabilities
  • Prioritize protection based on material sensitivities
  • Allow for easy access to frequently used blankets

Invest where you spend the most time home lounging under blankets the most – beds, sofas and family rooms. Consider portable options like ottomans, rolling carts and ladders to transport favorites wherever the cozying up takes you!

Finally, get handy with screwdrivers, ladders, containers and shelving kits to DIY purpose built storage perfect for your unique spaces and quantities of blankets needing a neat home.