Chevron Backpacks for Toddlers – So Cute!

There are so many different chevron backpack designs available for toddlers and small children…. lots of colors, styles, patterns and sizes to choose from.

They are great to take to a friend’s house, to school, to the library or other outings.

These backpacks are smaller and lighter for little kids and are great for carrying a snack, lunch or favorite toy.

The hardest part will be to determine which chevron print backpack to choose for your child!

If you are in a rush….

==> Check out this HUGE selection of chevron print backpacks!

Pink Chevron Toddler Backpacks

Pink is the most popular color of chevron backpacks for small girls.

The color is bright, fun and easy to find!

Lightweight for small kids.

Big enough for lunch, snacks and favorite toy.

==> Click here to see a large selection of pink chevron backpacks

Aqua Chevron Toddler Backpacks

Aqua has become a very popular color for backpacks.

It’s a light feminine color for girls that don’t like pink – my daughter

Unique color and design that will make your child feel special

Click here to check out the different designs in aqua

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Owl Chevron Toddler Backpacks

How about these adorable owl chevron backpacks!

They come in so many different styles and colors too.  Pink, green, blue, grey, brown…

There are different shapes to choose from as well.

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Quilted Chevron Toddler Backpacks

Check out quilted chevron backpacks here.

  • Aqua & White Owl Chevron Print Quilted Small Mini Back Pack (Hotpink)
  • Toddler Backpack, Chevron Print (Grey White)
  • Owl Chevron Print Backpack AQBRN
  • Chevron Small Kids Backpack Toddler Bag Purse (Dark Green)
  • N GIL Quilted Yellow Grey Chevron Backpack
  • Chevron Stripe Quilted Backpack Handbag with Bow Accent Aqua Blue & Grey

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